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- FELINE CYSTITIS IDIOPATHIC - CHONÉ – Cat, Male, Age: 12, Undetermined Breed -

Choné, one non-castrated cat, since 4 months before presenting the 1st session of Acupuncture, had retention of urine, the ultrasound showed he had the bladder wall thickened, he had strangury, pain during urination, with effort, which became shorter and more frequent, leading Choné to compulsive licking of the perineal area, which caused inflammation and increased foreskin, with the urethra getting repeatedly clogged, he had a bacterial infection of the bladder, sometimes had hematuria (blood in urine) and had lost weight.
Simple Acupuncture was made of selected points in treatment sessions lasting about 20 minutes.
There was 4 sessions in 2 weeks, followed by 2 sessions with a weekly frequency, then made up 2 sessions fortnightly basis, 1 session past 4 weeks and 1 last session passed eight weeks since the previous.
A total of 10 sessions were made at an interval of 5 months.

After the 2nd session of acupuncture, Choné licked less the foreskin . After the 3rd session, the animal no longer had hematuria and had significantly less inflamed foreskin.
After following consultation the cat appeared not to have as much post- micturition pain and started gaining weight.
After the 5th session the foreskin was no longer "bloated".
After the 8th session and until the end of treatment Choné showed perfectly normal.