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- HIP DYSPLASIA - AFTER SURGERY - BOLT – Dog, Male, Age: 9 months, Breed: Golden Retrivier -

Bolt after being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia of both members in a Veterinary Clinic it was made dartroplastia surgery, first in Hindlimb Left, when the animal was about 5 and a half months, and then in Hindlimb Right when it was about 6 months old.
Bolt recovered very well from surgery to HLLeft going with a standard mobility after a period of physiotherapy.
Rather, the animal maintained a HLRight claudication, despite this therapy period.
For this reason, the animal was reassessed at Veterinary Clinic where he had undergone surgery, after about 3 months and was told that the increase of the acetabulum, bony structure of the pelvis, as intended with surgery dartroplatia so able to stabilize the joint up with the head of the femur bone, need to be performed again as the joint remained somewhat unstable, causing a larger increase of the acetabulum.
Since the owners of the animal did not intend to subject him to a new surgery they chose to do acupuncture.
When the animal was seen for the 1st time this limped a bit of Hindlimb Right, dragging it especially when walking at slow pace and twisting slightly the fingers of that member when rested his paw, without apparent pain, although he contain a bit and not moving too much, especially if one looks at his young age.
Electroacupuncture was made of selected points and was also made Acupunture of other acupoints.
The duration of each treatment was 20 minutes. There were 2 sessions in the 1st week, then made up 5 sessions each week, followed by two sessions spaced by two weeks, another 2 sessions spaced over 3 weeks and 1 last session after the previous in six weeks.
In total 12 sessions were made within 5 months.

After the first three sessions we observed that Bolt has not trailed so much the paw, but still limped slightly and still not support the fingers normally.
After the time of other three sessions the animal was moving much, looking more "cheerful" to the owners and he no longer limped, although slightly twisting the fingers when the limb landed on the ground slowly.
Before the eighth session the dog had a period of diarrhea and otitis bilateral and when he went to another Veterinary Clinic to be treated, "took a shot on the hip of the Hindlimb Right" and, according to his owners, from that day and to the day he was again seen, it returned limping slightly again.
After the 9th session Bolt again did not hobble the right hind limb, but keeping the abnormal way of landing the fingers.
After the 10th session and by the end of the treatment Bolt moves very much, without any change in its mobility in any member, no limping, no dragging the hind paw and landing normally the fingers of that member.