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Acupuncture can be applied in numerous situations, such as:

- Muscular-skeletal pathologies / orthopedic

- Geriatric patients (age-related diseases)

- Chronic pain / chronic conditions

- Post-surgical rehabilitation

- Neurological problems (ex: paralysis, incontinence)

- Conditions typical of large breed dogs (ex: hip dysplasia, slipped discs, arthritis)

- Gastrointestinal disorders (digestive)

- Dermatological diseases (skin)

- Cases of allergies

- Hearing problems

- Genital-urinary diseases (ex: kidney failure, reproductive problems)

- Endocrine disorders (hormone)

- Cardio-respiratory diseases

- Improved performance of animals in sport

- For analgesia in surgery (ex: cleaning teeth)

- Changes in behavior (ex: aggression, insomnia, inactivity)

- Cancer patients (helps in the treatment, helps modulate the immune system, improves quality of life, relieve pain, reduce side effects to the pharmacological treatment).